Advisory on Entry Levy Refund

Any Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident (SCPR) who wishes to enter the casino is required to pay an entry levy. Entry levies are not payments in exchange for the SCPR to enter or gamble in the casinos. Therefore, no refund will be given even if an SCPR does not or is unable to use the entry levy (in full or in part). This includes (but not limited to) the following circumstances:

  • Patron who had purchased an entry levy but was unable to utilise it.
  • Patron who has an exclusion order, visit limit, or any other restrictions on entry imposed by the casino operator.
  • Patron who changed his mind and decided not to enter the casino after purchasing an entry levy.
  • Request for a refund on behalf of a deceased person who purchased an entry levy.
  • The closure of the casino due to any circumstance e.g. pandemic.

The latest copy of the Casino Control (Entry Levy) Regulations is available at the Singapore Government Statutes' website.