Exclusion Order & Visit Limit by National Council on Problem Gambling

The National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG) is empowered to issue casino exclusion orders and visit limits under the Casino Control Act 2006.

NCPG is also empowered to issue exclusion orders for gaming machine rooms and general remote gambling under the Gambling Control Act 2022.

Find out more at NCPG’s website or email admin@ncpg.org.sg.


Exclusion Order and Entry Ban by Commissioner of Police

Under Section 122 of the Casino Control Act 2006, the Commissioner of Police may prohibit a person from entering or remaining on any casino premises by a written exclusion order given to the person.

Under Section 79 of the Gambling Control Act 2022, the Commissioner of Police may ban a person from entering and remaining in all gaming machine rooms, and/or engaging in general remote gambling by a written notice given to the person and NCPG.

For enquiries, please contact: SPF_CID_CP_EO@spf.gov.sg.